Catalytic Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) &

Mercaptan (RSH) Removal-Scavenging



The ECOIL project was founded in Cyprus in 2006.
The main goal was the introduction of the newest technology for cleaning oil, associated gas and water from hydrogen Sulphide and mercaptans.
Further in 2016 the head office was moved to the UAE in Dubai with the goal of entering the world markets.
The technology is based on the scientific research of chemical faculty of the Moscow State University and the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin. Studies have been conducted for more than 30 years.
In 2012 the technology was successfully launched at the Alibekmola Oil field Kazakstan.

Today the company has offices in Australia, Kazakhstan and Russia

Our issue

Problems of H2S & RSH presence

H2S and RSH are toxic, malodorous in oil, gas and associated water.

When burned H2S and RSH  generate sulfur dioxide leading to  “ACID RAIN”.

H2S and RSH are strongly corrosive even when presented in very small concentrations.

H2S and RSH are of the main reasons why oil fields got to be not feasible to be operate.

Overview of the current available treatment & Ecoil Technology

These toxic and corrosive contaminants are currently removed using:

   1.Physical methods.

   2.Caustic extraction.

   3.Chemical scavengers.

Ecoil products application and benefits

  > High efficiency 

  > Safe product

  > Fast action & Long lasting action

  > Safe and easy  


Ecoil products is a game changer

• Ecoil introduce of 30-50% reduction in the direct treatment cost.

• Ecoil accumulate of more than 50-65% of total treatment cost.

• Ecoil introduce a game chaining practice in treatment on the wellhead & downhole application.

• Ecoil treats RSH through the same practices of treating H2S

Current activities of Ecoil Technologies by the regions

   Long-term exploitation of oil and gas fields, raises more and more serious problems with hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans. 

   Our company plans to become the world market leader in solutions for H2S&RSH treatment  from several products

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