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Offer a unique technology of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans treatment in crude oil, oil field produced water, waste water and three-phase flow (water+oil+gas). We developed and produce the various Ecoil scavengers which not content a triazine or derivatives of formaldehyde compounds.

Crude Oil

Presence of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan in crude oil is a huge problem during production, transportation and storage, due to corrosion of equipment, environmental and health issue. Therefore, the problem of removal of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan in crude oil and petroleum products becomes critical.


Oil field produced water and wastewater

H2S is a problem that apparently presented in the different types of water in different phase. It is presented in the oilfield produced water, waste water and sewage water. Wherever, H2S is presented, it brings around the same set of issues. H2S is toxic even in low concentrations. It is aggressive corrosion agent that affects facilities and assets, and it stimulate cruel odor that cause ascertain discomfort to the communities around facilities.


Three-phase flow (water+oil+gas)

“In the good old days,” natural gas production was a lot easier. Gas was relatively plentiful, easy to find, and sweet. Today, it is generally accepted that natural and petroleum gas production is becoming more sour. Gas sweetening technologies tend to be expensive, which can be especially troublesome for the small gas streams producersoperators. This focuses on the gas sweetening technologies at the “small capacity” end of the spectrum, and the issues involved in comparison with the selecting the right scavenger of your choice.