Overview of the current available treatment of H2S & RSH

and Ecoil Technology

   H2S and RSH are toxic, malodorous in oil, gas and associated water.

   When burned H2S and RSH  generate sulfur dioxide leading to  “ACID RAIN”.

   H2S and RSH are strongly corrosive even when presented in very small concentrations.

   H2S and RSH are of the main reasons why oil fields got to be not feasible to be operate.

Accordingly, H2S and RSH present cost elements in the oil and gas industry from more than one dimension:

  - Getting red of H2S & RSH from the oil and gas (cost of treatment).

  - Cost due to its strong corrosive nature. This causes deterioration for the machinery and pipes in an accelerated manner (cost of machines and pipes corrosion).

 - As machines and pipes deteriorate, failure, spilling and downtime increases (cost of maintenance, and downtime).

 - Due to the toxicity of H2S and RSH, precautions and safety equipment, procedures, and practices needs to be installed and deployed (cost of safety).

 - The presence of H2S and RSH in the working environment adds elements of complexity and risks to work (cost of process complexity).

 - Costs due to cleaning of deposits and waste resulted from applying the method of treatment (Post treatment).


These toxic and corrosive contaminants are currently removed using:

  •   Physical methods.

  •   Caustic extraction.

  •   Chemical scavengers.

   Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. All in all, there are several cases where all these methods do not serve the needs of treating H2S and RHS. For this, several fields are closed due to infeasibility of dealing with or treating H2S of RSH.

   Based on a long progressive research, built up over more than 30 years, Ecoil Technology managed to achieve a break-through innovative technology. Ecoil technology is set to treat H2S and RSH in an efficient, safe, and effective manner, with minimum needs for capital investment.


Ecoil products application and benefits

Ecoil technology has the following competitive advantages:

1. High efficiency: Ecoil products have higher efficiency (usually 30 -50% or more) than any other treatment scavenger.

2. Safe product: Ecoil products are safe to deal with. It presents no hazards either as a product or upon treatment. The outcome of treatment is safe and ecological friendly.

3. Fast action: Ecoil products have high kinetic reaction. This reduce the time needed to treat the targeted media and limit the negative effect of H2S and RSH.

4. Long lasting action: the products are, effective for long time. This increase the efficiency of the treatment as well.

5. Safe and easy to handle treatment outcomes: the outcome of the treatment is safe and water soluble. Thus, it is easy to handle, and dispose.

6. Effect of air presence: Ecoil products are active even with no air conditions. The products are even better with the presence of air (O2 in specific).

7. Effect of temperature and pressure: Ecoil products are effective under working temperature and pressures. Ecoil products are effective even at  high temperature (more than 200º C).

8. The products are active with H2S and RSH: Ecoil products are active for treating both; H2S and RSH.


Ecoil products is a game changer

Conclusion & Recommendations:

  •  Ecoilchem series is an easy handling, highly effective and efficient solution in removing H2S  &  RSH.

  •  Does not affect the oil characteristics and has no undesirable side reactions like with formaldehyde based chemicals (formation of sediments in reservoirs, scales, malodorous odor in treated product and carcinogen),

  •  Remains effective even in the presence of a large excess of CO2.

  •  Introduce the treatment from the staring point (downhole) to suppress the presence of H2S & RSH and minimize its safety and corrasion hazards.

The Next Steps:


  •  Confirm the presented promises in a regional reputable oil & gas company.

  •  Lab tests (effectiveness, efficiency, and stability).

  •  Field test (effectiveness, efficiency, and stability).

  •  Apply the new practices of implementing the treatment in the wellhead and downhole application and publish this case (demonstrate the direct & indirect economic & multiplication impact of the application).

  •  Apply the Ecoil product for RSH treatment.